Regrinding work on drawing tools.

Turning old into new.

Why buy new when you can simply and cheaply repair? In addition to our wide range of new drawing tools, we also provide professional regrinding work for your used drawing tools. Depending on the wear and tear, the service life can be significantly extended by regrinding, polishing, recoating or other repair work. This saves you labour and money and is good for the environment at the same time.


The result of the regrinding work speaks for itself.

In times of increasingly scarce resources and rising raw material costs, the reconditioning of drawing tools is a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to new tools. With our high-performance machinery, your drawing tools can be reground and polished to the next possible size, depending on the degree of wear and according to your specifications.

Strict adherence to the geometry is a matter of course. We can also coat defective bearing seats and replace defective ceramic parts in steel-ceramic composite components.

Our repair and reconditioning services extend the service life of your tools and restore their original performance.

This is what we stand for.

Therefore Heinze & Streng.

Excellent services. International representation.
Centrally located between Cologne and Frankfurt a. M., we are at your service with our representatives on 6 continents to offer you high-quality products and efficient service worldwide. This gives you the certainty of being able to quickly access replacement and wear parts for your machines without long production downtimes.
Interdisciplinary expertise. Years of experience.
We have been a trading partner for high-quality products and individual replacement parts for the global wire and cable industry since 1994. We know the needs of the industry and the markets. You can therefore always rely on us to provide you with the most effective and modern solutions that precisely meet your requirements.
Innovative ideas. Sustainability focussed.
Moving with the times, keeping an eye on the environment - a point that is particularly important to us. We want to bring you and our company forward sustainably. With our products, you promote the longevity of your machines. You also save costs and important resources - starting with our sustainable packaging material.

Success is in
the detail.

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