Hybrid Flyer Bows.

For stranding machines.

Our hybrid flyer bows improve your production performance. Thanks to an optimised, aerodynamic shape, the flyer bows ensure less air resistance and therefore lower energy consumption.

Hybrid Flyer Bows at a glance:

  • Increased strength thanks to special moulding as an I-beam
  • Favourable aerodynamic shape (wire is not in the airflow, resulting in a low Cw value)
  • Simple control of the wire routing
  • Abrasion and dirt can escape freely
  • Wear plate is not required, therefore no tearing of the wires possible
  • Wire guides can be changed in the installed state of the bracket
  • Various wire guide options possible: hardened steel, ceramic and hard metal


For SAMP stranding machines.

Improved aerodynamics, specially braided carbon material, well thought-out design: our WIDE SR Bow is the perfect flapping bow for SAMP stranding machines (models 560, 630, 760, 800 and 1250) and impresses with its robustness, high strength and durability.

WIDE SR Bows at a glance:

  • Increased bow protection thanks to moulded steel strands at the edges
  • Exceptional strength thanks to specially developed and woven carbon material, which is fully cast in a mould
  • Reduced bracket breakage at the mounts
  • Through bolts instead of clamping brackets increase the service life
  • Easy and quick to replace wear plate thanks to "slip-in" design
  • Improved aerodynamics


For stranding machines.

The ES Stream Bows already have their advantages in their name, because ES stands for "energy saving". The reduced energy consumption thanks to the aerodynamic bow design made of carbon fibre mesh saves you costs and at the same time ensures the highest quality of your end products.

ES STREAM Bows at a glance:

  • Lower costs combined with the highest quality.
  • No machining of the wire guide groove or profile thanks to the moulded bow design
  • 100 % carbon fibre braiding
  • Flexibility thanks to quick replacement of the wear plate "slip in" design
  • Reduced energy consumption

Carbon stirrups with large cross-sections.

For stranding machines.

Our carbon bows with large carbon bow cross-sections are extremely stable and at the same time very light carbon stranding machines for bobbins with spool diameters of 1,000 - 2,500 mm.

Carbon stirrups with large cross-sections at a glance:

  • Unique bracket design based on the I-beam principle
  • Enormous weight saving (approx. 40 %) without loss of strength
  • Easier handling during replacement
  • Maximum energy savings and longer service life of the rotor bearings
  • Additional steel strands moulded into the bracket edges ensure optimum protection against wire breakage - especially with hard wires
  • Roller, ceramic, carbide or hardened steel guides possible

Wear plates.

For the production process.

In the wire and cable industry, wear plates are an important component in the production process. We manufacture customised and thermally treated variants to your exact specifications.

Wear plates at a glance:

  • Thermally treated for increased service life
  • Available in conventional or "slip-in" design
  • "Slip-in" design minimises maintenance costs

Guide elements.

The right accessories.

For perfect results, you need the right accessories: we offer you precise wire guide elements for the composite flyer bows that can withstand any load.

Possible materials:

  • Ceramic
  • Carbide
  • Hardened steel
  • As well as special roller designs

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