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This is Heinze & Streng.

More than 20 years ago, we made it our mission to support the global market with precision, high-quality materials and passion for the cause. Because in a world of constantly changing requirements, interdisciplinary expertise and many years of experience are needed to master every challenge.

Represented for you on 6 continents,
in 65 countries.

Based in Mengerskirchen. Travelling internationally.

This is what we stand for.

Therefore Heinze & Streng.

Support & Service.
Centrally located between Cologne and Frankfurt a.M., we are rooted - with our sales offices on 6 continents - in order to be able to offer you optimal customer service and our broad product portfolio.
Expertise & market knowledge.
We have been a trading partner for high-quality products and individual replacement parts for the global wire and cable industry since 1994. You can therefore always rely on receiving the most effective solutions that are exactly right for you.
Sustainability & Innovation.
Moving with the times, always keeping an eye on innovation. For example, with durable, energy-saving products and recyclable packaging material to conserve important resources in the long term.
Environmental protection & quality.
Our high quality saves you future costs, because our products are particularly durable and safe - for machine operators and machines. We are always working on new concepts and materials to make every product even better.

Flyer Bows

Our composite flyer bows are made of multi-layer composite materials that are also used in aerospace engineering. The special carbon fibre mesh is produced individually in pressure casting moulds. As a result, the impact bars are very resistant, long-lasting and suitable for even the most extreme stresses in processing machines.

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Nickel, Elmedur & Copper Band

Our contact strips are characterised by their particular robustness, dimensional stability and high conductivity. The high conductivity ensures a uniform current distribution throughout the entire workpiece and increases the quality of your annealing process.

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Contact & Nickel Tubes

Our high-quality contact tubes, annealing tubes, rings and rollers guarantee the best results. We rely on high-temperature-resistant, uniformly processed materials that impress with their lasting quality.

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Drawing Tools

Without the right, reliable drawing tool, the forming, refining or modification of wire is unthinkable. Increase the quality and precision of your end products - discover our wide range of high-quality drawing tools in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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Kinrei Machines

As a sales partner for large parts of Europe, we are ready to help you find the right Kinrei machine for stranding or stranding fine and ultra-fine wires.

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Rüder W. Heinze founded the company on 1 October 1994 under the name "R. W. Heinze Consultings". The focus is on the sale of precision machining tools for the machining industry.


Change of name & growth.

Dennis Heinze joins the company and the non-ferrous speciality metals division is added to the portfolio. R. W. Heinze Consultings GbR is founded on 1 April 1995.


GbR becomes GmbH.

In January 1996, Peter Streng becomes part of R. W. Heinze Consultings GbR. With him comes a new name and another change of name on 1 September 1996: Heinze & Streng GmbH is brought into being. Due to the fact that both Dennis Heinze and Peter Streng come from the wire and cable industry, the change of business field was obvious.


Change of location.

After Rüder W. Heinze left the company at the turn of the year, the next big step in the company's history was imminent: the move from Driedorf in the Lahn-Dill district (Hesse) to Mengerskirchen-Waldernbach in the Limburg-Weilburg district. With approx. 800m2 of office and warehouse space and a central location with motorway access to the A3 and A45, this was the perfect location for a successful future.


New merchandise management warehouse.

Growth means change - which is why the company site in Mengerskirchen-Waldernbach was expanded and a new warehouse was built in 2015.



Harryharan Chandra takes over the management of Heinze & Streng together with his wife Rajintha.

Success is in
the detail.

Spare and wear parts

Extend the service life of your machines and improve your product quality.

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Flyer bows

Flyer bows, wear plates and innovations of the highest quality.

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Kinrei machines and spare parts

Iron stranding machines, tube stranding machines and much more from our sales partner Kinrei.

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Extend the service life of your drawing tools with our regrinding services

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Your personal contact.

Do you have any questions, very specific requirements or would you like to enquire about our products, services or advice? Our team will be happy to help you personally. Please contact us.